Greetings from Brittany !

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Hello everybody,
It has been a long time I have not been on the blog. The reason is I am back in France for holidays and I did not really have time. That’s a shame because there is really a lot to talk about the wine market in China right now. I left Shanghai to Paris two weeks ago. It was really too hot! I am sure that rosé wines have a future here in China. Come on, a bottle of Cote de Provences rosés is the only drinkable wine during summer time. Even if red wines are still leading the consumption in China, I am sure that the hot Chinese climate is an opportunity for summer rosé wines. Nevertheless, as I said, I am now back in France. I could write an article about my first rosé wine when I came back to France. It was a Chateau Sainte Roseline Cuvée Prieuré.
Served chilled. Oh my god. Drink this with tomatoes and mozzarellas and you have the feeling that you are in Italia. Italians have great rosé wines by the way. But I don’t have the chance to know them well. For us, French people, Cotes de Provences rosés wines are a must. But that is not rosé that I want to talk about today but cider! Yes. Cider. It is not even wine. It tastes like sparkling apple juice. I went to Brittany for two days and I swore to write an article about one of the best cellars I have ever come in… in Dol de Bretagne. Ok maybe I am going too specific with all these French names (Dol de Bretagne, Brittany, cider) and a drink which is not even wine. But check out the pictures. Isn’t that nice? All these wines in the middle of cheeses. I love it.

This cellar had great wines. But as I am going to write about wine a lot within the next months, I didn’t want to pick another wine but I wanted to make you discover something else, something which is part of Brittany culture. So what is cider? Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apple juice. Wikipedia says that both alcoholic and non alcoholic varieties are produced. That is wrong! If it is non alcoholic, this is sparkling apple juice. The kind of beverage you give to your kids so that they think they are drinking champagne. What is interesting to notice is that in Brittany, wine was produced 1000 years ago. But it was replaced first by beer and then by cider. Cider was the luxury beverage reserved to the elite people. Nowadays, it is consumed with a specific dish: the galettes! I don’t know anyone who would drink cider as you drink wine. That is to say, who would spend time talking about this specific cider that he drank 5 years ago. But at the same time, if you want to have galettes, you can’t have another drink than cider. And we all know how much pairing food is important. So do not forget that. The only drink with a galette is a cider! Enjoy your “bolee” as you don’t want to drink cider in a glass but in a specific container called bolée.

Bonnes vacances !

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