Burgundy Wines in China

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I would like to thank Jean Michel Aubinel, who invited me to the 2nd Burgundy training seminar in Shanghai. This seminar was organized by the Bureau Interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne (BIVB), which is also known as the Burgundy Wine Board. This organization represents all wine professionals of Burgundy, and it aims to promote its wines all around the world. Over the past few years, BIVB has developed training seminars from a marketing standpoint to better inform and educate about sellers and distributors about the client approach and help focus on more efficient sales. The BIVB recently reviewed and audited the format of these courseswith the help of an educational engineering agency.  The aim was to make the message more dynamic and interactive: slideshows, Q&A, tasting 8 wines (from the regional appellation to the Grand Cru), history, grape varieties, etc. The new training module gives a complete, encouraging, and pleasant overview of Burgundy wines. I was really surprised about the reaction of the Chinese people in the audience. They were engaged, encouraged, and asked tons of questions about Burgundy wines. I was surprised, yet impressed with their knowledge of Burgundy. Jean Michel Aubinel said he was happy to see a growing Chinese enthusiasm for Burgundy wines.

The training seminars in Shanghai and Beijing are not the only tools that BIVB uses to promote Burgundy wines in China.

  • They also hire and train local Chinese to become trainers for Burgundy wines. Since July 2008, the BIVB has welcomed over forty trainers from a wide variety of countries which include: Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Taiwan, and China. Once the trainers agree to certain specifications and pass a final test, they are granted accreditation from the BIVB and the Burgundy Wine School. The Burgundy Wine Board thus aims to place the Burgundy Wine School at the centre of a network of accredited training establishments, which benefit from educational programs and tools developed in Burgundy. The objective is that Burgundy wine training “subsidiaries” is set up in all countries in which the wines are sold.
  • They are developing an e-learning program for Chinese professionals in the wine industry. This program aims to provide information about everything about Burgundy and wines. It’s fun and interactive, and has tons of pictures, quizzes and videos.

Organizing wine tours with information sessions (Q&A), introducing Official Chinese trainers, and developing innovating tools to educate about Burgundy, Burgundy Wine Board is becoming more and more dynamic in China. Their strategy aims to import all the culture of Burgundy through education and interaction. The ultimate goal is to sell Burgundy wines and to help Chinese people to truly appreciate and enjoy them.

Lucas for Zhongguo Wine

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  1. Chie K says:

    Wow,Lucas,amazing photos!
    Especially ‘the two glasses with Red&White wine’



  2. Marketing Chine says:

    The elearning for wines in china… that can be very interesting!
    So many chinese on their screen can learn how to recognize a good wine

  3. Nicolas says:

    Go for Burgundy! Go!

  4. Niki says:

    I would love to know how to get invited to this e-learning program for Chinese professionals in the wine industry. I know it is developing.

    I am currently in NY working in wine industry. but would love to involve developing wine knowledge in china. I am Chinese.

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