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I would like to thank Yann Babel, export china manager at Val d’Orbieu Group, for having helped me to make this interesting interview about the launch of a new wine brand in China.I also want to thank Mr. Hao, CEO of Shanghai Grand Wines Import & Export Co. Ltd, who accepted this interview.

Zhongguo Wine: Could you first introduce yourself and your company?

Shanghai Grand Wines Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a brave new company that has been created for marketing the brand Mythique.In fact, it’s a professional brand operation company. Shanghai Grand Wines is targeted to carry out the strategies of Val d’Orbieu Group in China market and to promote the brand Mythique. Our team is a professional team that not only has rich experience in Wine-selling at home, but also has a variety of networking, based on which we have clear foresight and judgement in regards to the trend of the wine industry in China. In brief, an international brand, a professional team, a single-brand marketing company.

ZW: Do you think the wine market in China has a potential?

For the Chinese market, the wine industry is a very promising industry, especially for imported wines: First of all, compared to other countries all over the world, our average per-capita wine consumption is much lower than the main wine consumption countries, which means we have enough space to develop; secondly, from the improving figures of the wine-consumption in the last 10 years, annual increase marked double-digit rate. With the increase of domestic per-capita consumption, and the improving awareness of wines from consumers, we believe that high-quality wines, especially the wine that is suitable for the Chinese taste, as an international brand Mythique will be very popular.

ZW: Everybody says the Wine market is a market led by the brand image.  I assume it is the reason why you are launching the new wine brand Mythique. Could you explain us your vision about this new launch?

The Chinese see wines as exotic goods that are imported from the Western world, where the wine history is long and the culture is luxurious, and so the westerners know much more about the wine and almost everyone has his own consumption concept. However, generally speaking, the consumers are not so rational in China, as the Chinese aren’t as familiar with wine, haven’t consumed a lot and don’t “recognize” the wine. As the personal information is always limited, and the wines come from different production areas, different vintages, distinct types which are always confused, the Chinese tend to choose the brand that they rely on. In a word, a brand is very significant in China. For a long time in the future, brand marketing will be the best and the most efficient way to manage imported wines. That’s why we introduced Mythique into China.

Furthermore, we are going to operate in our own special way of marketing in China:

We are going to divide the area very strictly and choose the best partners to ensure the value of the brand and reasonable profit from them.  Only the distributors get the profit so that the brand lives long! We are inviting the best local distributors to join us.
Our strategy of brand marketing in China: Cuvee Mythique Release Limited will be our flagship product, its quality can be compared with the wines from Chateau de Bordeaux; La Cuvee Mythique which has achieved countless recommendations will be the high class product; Mythique Languedoc AOC series and Les Cepages Mythique series will be for the middle class and the fast-selling products.

As I mentioned before, we will divide the areas very strictly, and will have only one distributor in each area for Mythique. We are doing our best to build up the brand image of Mythique, and the TV ads we have presented on the press conference will be put on CCTV. Meanwhile, we have our own magazine Mythique Club to deliver the wine cultures, which is a special but the most efficient way in my opinion.

ZW:  Who are you targeting with such a product?

The value of the Mythique brand lies in: the originality, the wisdom, the thoughts, the high quality, the international trend, the art of life, and the communication. Our target customers are successful businessman and government elites from 30 to 45 years old.

ZW: Which would be your wine brands direct competitors?

Our global competitor would be Castel. They are very prosperous in the Chinese market at the moment, but we believe that our professional single-brand marketing will be more vigorous.

ZW: What are your sales forecasts?

We are going to be the leading brand among the imported wines in three years.

ZW: As a wine importer, maybe you are a wine lover… what is your favorite wine and with which Chinese dishes do you like to drink it?

The Chinese dishes are very prosperous and rich, just as French wines are. To choose a wine to accompany a dish is very important, and a good wine can make the dishes more memorable. Personally speaking, a dish called Buddha jumping Over the Wall to match La Cuvee Mythique white wine is my favorite!

ZW: Thank you very much for this interview

Lucas Botebol  for Zhongguo Wine (Wine & China)

(Find below more information about the brand Mythique)


Focus on the Wine Brand Mythique (美缇克) :

Mythique is introduced into China as the most successful brand from Val d’Orbieu; it will force a brave new road to the imported wine marketing:

First of all, an international company promotes one brand. Val d’Orbieu is the third largest wine company in France, the biggest winemaker in the Languedoc area. It plays a vital part in the wine industry in France and all over the world. Val d’Orbieu started in 1967, has forty years’ experience of vinification and it’s the leading winemaker in Languedoc-Roussillon area. There are over 180 winegrowers (some are domains) and 15 wines cooperates in Val d’Orbieu, which are from the important areas in the South of France. Moreover, the Bordeaux famous Cordier is also under Val d’Orbieu.

Val d’Orbieu mainly promotes the brand Mythique all over the world and it has already achieved great success, which is much different from other company’s various brands marketing. La cuvee Mythique is the flagship product from Val d’Orbieu and among the most fabulous VIN DE PAYS in France. It’s the traditional wine in Languedoc-Roussillon and was made from four kinds of grapes, blind-blended. The grapes are picked from the best grape-yards and from the old grape trees, which can express the amazing deepness and the complex aromas. Val d’Orbieu has formed a team “La Cuvee Mythique Club”, only the qualified winegrowers can join and there are 42 members with certificates. But not every member’s grapes can be chosen to make the Mythique wine, only the best grapes from them and certain kinds of grapes can be used for Mythique. They use the Allier oak barrels for aging, among which one third are the new oak barrels; after 12 months aging in barrels, and 6 months aging in bottles, the Mythique will be shown on the market. Our wines best express the riches of the “terroir” in the Languedoc area for the past 40 years. Our wine shows the best successions to a thousand traditions, and it’s also an external invitation to welcome you to enjoy the wine cultures and the charm of the area. Mythique is already among the most popular brand all over the world.

Comments from international wine critics and professional wine magazines:

Robert Parker thinks highly of the Mythique wine, he said La Cuvee Mythique was created to show the world that wines from the Languedoc –Roussillon can reach high quality. La Cuvee Mythique was always over 90 from Parker.(1998:88—91, 1997:90—93, 1993:90—92)。
The magazine Decanter marked La Cuvee Mythique among the “World TOP 100 Wines”.
The Japan cartoon The Drop of God, the 10th edition highly recommended the selection.
Mythique is also among the most successful brand in France, it is sold to more than 100 countries and areas in a large quantity.  And Mythique has already achieved great success in the main wine-consuming countries. In Britain, Mythique is among the most valuable 50 wines; in Germany, Mythique is among the top 10 imported wines; in Japan, Mythique is popular because of the recommendation by The Drop of God; and in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Mythique is operated by a famous importer, and is very popular.
Val d’Orbieu is the pioneer of the wine brand marketing company and has already achieved great success, and its rich and successful experience will be also introduced into China, and it surely will turn into a great victory in the Chinese market.

Yann Babel, export china manager at Val d’Orbieu Group

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