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When Lucas and I started ZW, the challenge was to find enough interesting issues to write about. After almost one year and a half digging up, the new challenge is rather to find enough time to write about the many things going on the market that we are witnessing everyday. So when we talked about which direction to give to the website, earlier this month, it made sense to write a kind of a newsletter where we would describe what we have seen during the past month.

Here is the first newsletter (of a long series I hope):

After two weeks in France at the end of August where I had the opportunity to visit vineyards in Provence and in Champagne during the harvests season, I came back to Shanghai on Monday September 5th, 2011.

There were several events that were particularly important for us this first week of September:

- the fact that we were quoted in Le Point, a French weekly news magazine for their special wine edition,

- attending the opening of Kartel, a new wine bar in Shanghai, where we had been hanging out for almost two months since the soft opening

- meeting each other again (Lucas and I) to celebrate this recognition of our expertise on the wine market in China

And all this happened on the same day, i.e. Thursday September 8th. Kartel’s opening kept its promise with free flow of sparkling, red and white wine during the whole night and an overpacked rooftop with smiling people (the free flow effect, I guess).

September 9th: For the first time in the history, a Chinese wine has won a Decanter Gold Medal for best Bordeaux Varietal over 10 pounds. Jiabeilan, a wine made in Ningxia province. For those, who would wonder how a Chinese wine could win a Bordeaux trophy (surprising isn’t it?…), I have to explain a bit this trophy. As you might know, Bordeaux region in France produces wines in majority from the blending of three grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Actually, the competition opposed wines from all over the world which are made not of this typical blending but of a single variety typical of the Bordeaux region, in this case, Cabernet Sauvignon.

September 11th: World Trade Center Anniversary, 10 years already. That is also the date that chose a wine supermarket to open in Putao area in Shanghai. I have no pictures. And I was not there. But from what Lucas told me, they partnered with a Shanghai TV channel  to rent a big building in which will be showcased wine and spirits from all over the world. The goal is to attract retailers and to sell only big quantities.

The week after was particularly intense for Lucas, as he went to Beijing for work. He had the opportunity to visit a typical Chinese vineyard with a lot of perspectives like building a Chateau in the middle of this vineyard.

The third week of September started with a tasting. Indeed, the Rhone region organized a wine tasting of the region’s best and most representative wines, which was particularly interesting. The presentation was not too long, and very entertaining, and I think this is one of the key when you are dealing with wine. It is tempting to go too much in details and to lose the attention of the audience. Personally, this is the first wine tasting I am attending where there is actually a big effort made to make the audience really participating. After tasting each wine, the speaker would present 4 pictures and would ask the audience to vote for the most representative image, regarding your taste, and then he would ask someone to explain one’s choice. In French we call this game a Chinese portrait, which made the choice of this game even more consistent.

During this tasting, we would also learn that Rhone Valley wines have doubled their sales every year in China since 2007 and that Julien, the French presenter broadcast on CCTV and who is quite famous in China, will help Rhone Valley wines to enter the market thanks to TV ads.

September 22nd : Escoffier Awards at Zeal. The first edition of the F&B Night organized by the Escoffier chefs club who partnered with Luxia, a young event company specialized in events mixing casino games and wines.

A quite intensive month, let s see what October has to offer now.

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