The Johnny Walker House has come to China

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Johnny Walker is a brand of blended Scotch type produced in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and known worldwide. It belongs to Diageo. Since May 19, 2001, it exist a store in an exclusive area of Shanghai, in Sinan Mansions.

The concept of this store

The Johnny Walker House introduces Chinese tasting of Scotch whiskey in all its forms. It’s a revolutionary experience that seduces with its lifestyle and values.Chinese consumers are discovering a lifestyle with whiskey. Moreover, they also learn the history of this alcohol, brand and values. The entire range is presented, from the Gold Label, Black Label and especially the famous Blue Label, much appreciated.

Guests are greeted in a friendly and luxurious space and everything is done to make them feel privileged and comfortable in this intimate place: leather seats, initiation tables,…The house is composed of oak wood walls, reminiscent of caramel whiskey. Copper lamps tint colour piece amber and immerses guests in a princely universe.All senses are requested by the shimmering amber shades of bronze, which flattered the eye, the smell of wood mingling with those of alcohol tease the nostrils, the glasses emit crystalline sounds to the ears and taste full and strong whiskey taste buds feast. The group has managed to maintain the traditional look of the house to the outside while creating a universe to the Western inside.


Values of the brand

The Johnny Walker House is based on the exchange, transmission and success. Thus, generations can mix alongside Chinese leaders at parties, conferences and master classes organized by the brand. Johnny Walker brand has managed to bring together world leaders while showing the subtleties of its products. So, customers share more than a professional meeting and they find themselves in the values of the brand and the slogan “Keep Walking”. This mark may attract Chinese consumers with this picture upscale and social success (Wine news here).


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