Is Prosecco to become a serious challenger for Champagne?

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   Prosecco, an italian sparkling wine on the rise…

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   About Prosecco…

   The italian sparkling wine prosecco    has  seen its exportation arise in the   recent years. Prosecco is a light wine at    an   affordable price, which makes it   more   and more appreciated abroad, to   the   point that it could even compete    with   Champagne  in  some countries   such    as the USA or  the   United-   Kingdom.  According to    Giancarlo    Vetorello, director of the   association    of Prosecco Superior   producers, it is “an unformal wine, to drink with ease, perfect to accompagny a break”. The Prosecco is made from Glera but some other grape variety can also be included, such as Bianchetta Trevigiana. This wine is exclusively produced in the North-East of Italy, 70km north from Venisia. There are three appelations of prosecco: the Superior, the DOC (equivalent for the French AOC i.e. protected geographic area) and the Prosecco of Asolo.

   Prosecco spreading worldwide all the way to China

   The vines growing on the steep hills of Conigliano and Valdobbiadene produced no less than 380 milion bottles last year, among which 300 milion bottles of Prosecco DOC. Among those last, 70% were sold abroad. This is a record high, especialy in the US and the UK, said Luca Giavi, the director of the association of Prosecco DOC producers. Only 10 years ago, the Prosecco wine was still exclusively sold in Italy. The few exportation was mostly directed to Germany and Swizerland. But 5 years ago, the sales began to rise and it’s been two years already since China started getting interrested in this italian wine.


The succes factors of Prosecco on the global market


Prosecco  A tasty and affordable wine

 Our wines are crunchy like a freshly     picked-up fruit” says M. Vettorello.    Could it be the  only reason for such a    succes? According to  Angela Lynas, a   wine retailer in Scotland, an other   reason for the succes of the Prosecco   would be its afordable price, which   represent a real advantage within the   framework of the current financial   crisis. Indeed, a bottle of Prosecco    costs  between 5 and 15 euros wich is   less than half the price of a bottle of   Champagne.

Vinitaly gets together Asian customers and italian wine

It is also appreciated for its smoothness. It is less dry than Champagne and between a lower range champaign too acid and a bottle of prosecco, the consumers would prefer the prosecco. Recently it has become a comon thing to pass by asian people who came to do some shopping at the Vinitaly, the big annual meeting of italian vine growers, foreign consumers and wine aficionados in Verone. Chinese people tend to look for smooth, sweet, simple and not too expensive wines. The middle class begins to appreciate wine, and sparkling wines are more popular in China than Champagne, which is dedicated to the elites (If you want to know more about Chinese market click here). Some big importing societies, come to Vinitaly to find wines matching the taste of their customers. Among them Corner Stone, the biggest provider of foreign wine for the South West of Asia, came and find the wine they were looking for, and even decided to launch a joint venture with the wine cellar that produce it.


Is Prosecco going to beat champagne?…

According to specialists, the answer is no. There is enough place for everyone. Prosecco and Champagne are not the same product, they don’t target the same consumer. “Champagne is for smart occasions, Prosecco is more casual”, says M. Vettorello, leader of prosecco superior producers. Nevertheless, prosecco also has its great vintage, the Cartizze, which is produced on only 170 ha and sold about 20 euros a bottle. To ensure success to prosecco in a long run the quality of the production has to be maintained. According to specialists, prosecco is not a passing fad. It is said to remain a worldwide succesful wine. But they also fear a price hick because of the growing demand for this wine that still be a limited production, and especially this year, since the last harvest was very bad because of the bad weather.


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    I do not believe it ! … and of course, this will not be so ! … for the simple reason that Prosecco is not the same wine !! … but it will be a bubble that will appeal more and more to the Chinese consumers … because, easier to drink, for its freshness, the pleasantness and simplicity !!! … and for his lower cost !
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