China, a new El’Dorado for italian wines ?

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Italian vine growers see development oportunities on the chinese market as the taste of chinese consumers tend to diversify, and to evolve to mild-range wines.

The chinese wine market

A growing Un marché dynamique en pleine révolution

The North West University Of Forest and Agriculture in Shaanxi province recently disclosed the results of a survey concerning the chinese wine market. According to that survey, the chinese wine market would be entering a new era. From now on, value dosn’t have much importance, which benefits mass-production wines. Even though China has become the 5th biggest wine market worlwide, and the first for red wine with more than 1,94 billion bottles last year, italian wine producers were not part of the game until lately.


Main wine importers on the chinese market

Italy is currently ranked 5th among the wine importators in China, behind France, Australy, Chili and Spain. According to China Daily, Italian wine would represent more than 7% of the market shares.

Concerning Chili and Australia, they both enjoy tarrif exemption, this year concerning Chili, and starting next year for a three year period concerning Australia, the two countries having trading agreement.

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Italian wine producers are optimistic

“Italian wines were not very famous in the United-States 30 years ago, but today they represent the biggest market share on this market which is the biggest in the world”, reminds us Sergio Maffetone, Italian general consul in Chongqing and former consul in the Italian Embassade in China. And now, italian wine producers have two reasons to be optimistic.


Chinese consumers are looking for new experiences

Chinese people are ready to pay high prices since it is for them the guarantee of a good product. But once they become abble to juge by themselves and to reconize a good italian wine, a new world opens to them.

A few years ago, imported wines barely reach the consumer market. They weere seized for the government’s official events or banquet. The citizens had to b content with poor standard chinese simili. But today, the chinese customers have discovered a new range of varieties that didn’t exist on the chinese market before, and even the mild-range wines consumption has been on the rise since then.


The wide range of italian varietal wines, a major advantage

Italian wines have another assets: the wide range of italian varietal wines.

90% of the french vines are constituted with 15 wine varietals, whereas 90% of american vine growers grow only 8 grappe varieties. In comparison, 90% of italian vines are constituted with no less than 65 different varietal wines and there is a total of 450 varietal wines in Italy. According to the president of Vinitaly International office in Shanghai, when chinese people get borred and want to try something new, they turn to italian wines.




Already set up in China

Vinitaly international

Vinitaly International organizes wine exhibition centring on italian wine in China since 2006. The first one took place in Shanghai. After 3 years, the organization moved the exhibition to Hong-Kong. But with the growth of chinese vines areas, Vinitaly has planned 8 events this year in China, among which one in Shanghai and one in Chengdu, two cities where italian vines growers, exportators and experts will compare their wines and initiate chinese wine amateurs.



Cavit, a society of prenium accompanying wines already has its office in Beijing. The project manager in Beijin, Fiorenzo Biscaglia sais that he is optimist. Accodring to him, wine will soon become part of everyday life in China just as it is in Italy.

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