Will Australian Wines succeed to conquer China ?

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Will Australian Wines succeed to conquer China?


Australia is not really known for its wine but it will not be long. Australia National Postal Service announced a partnership with Chinese Giant Alibaba Group to sell Australian wine on 1688.com website.


1688.com is a major online retailer in China, and has almost 100 million registered users. With this partnership, already 6 Australian major wine companies, Five Margaret River wineries, EVOI Wines, Flametree Wines, Happs Wines, Laurance Wines and Rosily Vineyard, have already signed up to export in China their wine production.

Moreover, the choice of this platform of e-commerce, own of Alibaba, seems to be the best solution for small and medium-size businesses in China.

Italian wine china

Remembering that Chinese people are more and more interesting and concerned by wine, which represents a kind of prestige and wealth. Whereas many foreigners in China are complaining about expensive price for a bad quality wine in Middle Kingdom, Australia Post can reach a large audience with foreigners, whose know, love and want wine in China without spend so much money and a new generation of Chinese people whose are more open-minded and gastronomy-educated than old generation.

For example, more and more French wine experts are already coming in China to offer their expertise to expats and Chinese people, exporting prestigious french wine  for an average price and presenting innovative concepts to delivery good wine selected by a ‘”sommelier”, such as Nicolas Rebut for The French Cellar company.

Free trade Agreement !

This partnership, which has been made possible by the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2015 between Australia and China Governments, could be a bonanza for Australia.

Australia Post role will be to be an Alipay’s exclusive agent in Australia, offering a complete E-Commerce solution for any Australian vineyard who wish to be on Chinese market, and sell its wine products.

Finally, Australia Post will be in charge of logistic and marketing organization among other things (from pricing to import licensing, with language, marketing, pack the wine…).

 kangoo vignes

Australia seems to be on a good way to conquer this Chinese market but should think about how elaborate any marketing campaign by Chinese social media and to adapt itself to Chinese mind, and also to Chinese culture to really hoping conquering it.

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Olivier VEROT, is a Marketing expert for the Chinese Market. He will speak about the Internet trends about wine and about the Marketing best practices.

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  2. Roxanne Mysko says:

    I am a wine Exporter from Australia and Barossa Valley. I currently have some new high level premium wine for sale for export market. I am also looking to set up a distribution in China as I have a number of high and mid level wineries entering export market.

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