Top 5 Tips for market your Wine in China 

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 What  traditional and digital Marketing strategy should I use  to develop my Wine company in China ?


The wine market in China is always growing, Chinese like more and more drink wines from all around the world but European ones, mainly French, still have a really good reputation.

That gave to a lot of people the idea to enter this market, but as every market in China, the penetration is not as easy as every country. In order to understand more about the difference, we will give you the best 5 advices to market your wine in China!

“Chinese Wine Market is changing” explain the founder of this Chinese School, “Chinese consumers want life style, and lifestyle come from oversea. It is the best time fro companies to sell their wine to final consumers, and Chinese companies are investing a lot of money on that market , like Changyu”.


Brand your wine

Before to enter the Chinese market, you have to first invest in marketing. It’s getting harder and harder to be distribute by a local distributor because the market is becoming to much competitive. Now, you have to import your wine by yourself, so you have to market it well. Then you have to know that for people who like it, it’s difficult to find good wine in China.

Happy vanlentines


Organize wine tasting !

If you are new in the business in China, you first have to make people know your product. And what is better for making know a new wine than proposing to people to try it? This kind of event can have two benefits: the first one is that people will take the time to listen to you and the history of your company before to try your wine, and then you can help Chinese people to improve their knowledge about wine. Today it’s really important to make people enjoy more the wine and improve their wine education. This kind of event is really popular for wine importer in China. Many companies in Shanghai organize Wine tasting, it is super popular this year.

People spend good time , enjoy and remimber the company for their next purchase.

French Cellar China



Product placement

In China, French wine is seen as a luxury product, it has a positive connotation: sign of civilization and wealth. In order to improve this image, some French companies invests in one of Chinese most famous sitcom. For example, Laffite, who did a product placement campaign a few years ago, improved its image and now is consider as the best wine for celebration

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Communicate, and communicate  !

In this field, communication is mainly trough the press relations (webmagazines and newspaper). It helps to build a brand image and in order to establish good relationship with press you will have to invite them to some events related to your business like wine tasting for example. You can also engage a key opinion leader to help you to communicate. Finally you can try a viral marketing campaign to generate a buzz.


Be adapted to the new technology, think Digital !

Be adapted to the new technology doesn’t mean only to sell your product in internet, there are a lot of things more that you can do. Thanks to the social medias you can easily tell your customers about the history of your company and give them some advices to help them to choose their wine in every situation. Chinese people really like story telling, so use the social medias to broadcast of movie about what you do! It’s exactly what the Chapoutier did and the company had a really good return.

Some other companies are more modern, Fancy cellar created a video games in order to educate customers and help them to appreciate it more.

Finally, some companies understood the influence of wechat in China so they decided to post some QR code in their bottles. When people scan it they ca

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Olivier VEROT, is a Marketing expert for the Chinese Market. He will speak about the Internet trends about wine and about the Marketing best practices.

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