“Made in China” Wine Attempts Abroad

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“Made in China” label has become a common sight on garments, electronic appliances or even the world’s beloved i-phone, but many are still surprised to see such label on the Chinese beverage market with a bottle of wine. Despite its difficult weather, China still managed to produce enough wine to be ranked the world’s 7th largest producer and the 3rd largest grower. This is a result of China’s wine market explosion a few years ago, which propels it to be the largest red wine consumer at 155.4 million cases.


Chinese Wine Go Oversea

Although Chinese wine seems to be doing well enough in domestic markets, the success doesn’t necessarily carry abroad. “Made in China” wine is still unknown to many, especially when many of its wine does not pass the international wine standards. Consequently, exported Chinese wine usually got put in the same shelf as other low quality wine.

However, the tide might be turning due to Chinese wine’s recent global recognitions in international wine competitions and renowned wine critics. Jancis Robinson, a prominent wine critic, notices Chinese wine stark improvement in quality and taste. Despite this development, Pierre Ly, associate professor at University of Puget Sound, still thinks Chinese wine has a long way before it can prosper abroad. With one of the most crucial element in wine consumption being marketing, Chinese wine needs to establish a concrete image of being high quality wine. The majority has yet to know that China is producing wine and that has to change.


Growing Chinese Wine Market

Regardless of the potential sales abroad, wine makers seem to be content in selling in the domestic market. Many believe there is plentiful opportunities in the domestic wine market, especially when it’s a growing market. In fact, experts believe that the Chinese wine market has to developed well and major players have been established before it has a chance oversea.


Although Chinese wine might not be doing well abroad when compared to domestically, there is substantial potential if it has decided to improve its quality to surpass international standards and create a solid image of a high quality wine to the world.


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