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Tmall’s is best and authorized brand of China which has great reputation in all across China. Chinese people buy Tmall’s products and especially Alcohol is in top trends of this shopping mall. Tmall’s Alcohol sales have been increased in 2016. Online Alcohol sales on China’s leading e-retailer brand Tmall has got much popularity in last year., have tripled in size from 2013 to 2016. E-commerce tricks and tips helping Alcohol and Win products over search engines.  Reinforcing e-commerce’s growing importance in China’s wine market giving awareness to public to contact and to buy immediately unique offers by major brands of China.

Chinese alcohol is getting much popularity and Tmall’s product come in top of the list on Baidu. Now almost 60% of alcohol business has shifted their sales for quick order deliveries. Half of the country’s total business of Wines sales are now operating online and giving immediate access to Chinese clients to get immediately. in drinks business Tmalls products come at top and they are efficiently working to attract their customers through successful campaigns.

Online websites and platforms building consumers trust and their confidence to come and enjoy unique offers and get discounts on special occasions. Much wider assortment of wines from different countries and regions presented on the retail platform. Mostly people still preferred to buy imported Wines instead of local wines. People get some acknowledgment from global wine trends and get best wines list and retailers information from there.

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Online Wine Sales Distribution Spots


Online wine distributors update the updated prices and available spots for their regular customers easiness. They regularly visit to check availability of specific brands products and their details. According to regular wine users an global surveys analysis, there are more than 10 million online shops and one billion different consumer goods across 31 provinces, cities, districts in China is actively performing the sales points facility for their customers. Online sales trends always helps and facilitate retailers, distributors, whole sellers to fulfill the demand of local markets and provides proper sales on attached networks on behalf of their agents and after receiving the online order detail by authentic resources. Chinese people likes to drink alcohol and chose only branded and imported wines distributors which provides excellent drinks and quality drinks at the time of their needs. Trend to import quality wines and Tmall is also having all the major brands of wines which facilitate them to keep quality wines only. Tmall’s alcohol beverage stores runs different online campaigns and offer discount options on special occasions to engage maximum customers.


Tmall alcohol point getting popular day by day and having lots of attractions for their loyal customer who regularly buy quality drinks from them. Lots of wine consumer groups are taking interest to offer quality drinks and setting their own prices to attract Chinese people. Actually brand importance has great values in drink business. brands and quality drinks always attract people to visit and start numerous campaigns to convey their messages to remind it for next time. Trend to buy online wines in Beijing and Shanghai has been tripled as compared with previous years.

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Wine Importing Trend in China


Chinese people are now focusing imported brands and preferring to import quality wines for better satisfaction and enjoyment. Many national and multinational companies are offering quality wines and alcohol for Chinese customers and have special package plans to book online quantity and limit of specific order delivery. According to the report, consumers between age in the 18 to 22 already outspent all the other age groups, and spent nearly three times as much as they did in 2013. Visit to any online website platform and enjoy the unique offers and best options for quality wines to drink any time or on special occasions.



Prices, standards, choices are changed depending on the worth and the quality of a wine. Some people only buy branded wines and they cannot take risks to drink any other wine which they do not know and strictly keep away from such cheap resources. Spent your best time for entertainments and enjoy your unique experiences with your friends and special friends by drinking quality wines and quality alcohol drinks.


Enjoy your parties, celebrations, event greetings, marriage ceremonies or any memorable events with quality wines and quality alcohol drinks. Young generation mostly enjoy u=such drinks on special occasions or even on their routine tasks when they feel stress and burden so this is a good strategy to solve pressure of work and sometime other conditions which create stress for the drinkers. Tmall Alcohol sales tripled in 2016 ! (source) for Zhonggwine which is good sign and brand popularity for wine lovers.


Best ways to Promote Wine and Alcohol Brands in China

The best and the most instant way to market quality brands in China is social media and websites. A website or a blog provides strong resources for customers to visit anytime to buy any quality wine and helps them immediately got the required quantity. The local shops do not offer such facility and takes much time to deliver from one to another place. Local brands quality of drinks not satisfied to taste conscious people and they never likes to drink local made drinks such as wines and alcohol.


International and branded wines provide their tastes what they deserve and they happily pay whatever price they will charge. Social media is not active and provides instant sports points where drinkers can pass online orders or may call anytime to deliver quality or specific brands wines to their door steps.

They need not worry to personally go and travel to buy specific wines. Agents, couriers, branch networks makes easy to access any brand and quickly as online orders to refresh their minds and to enjoy their friends companies with best wine quality. Tmall offers multiple brands and quality which can be choose by interested drinkers to enjoy in parties and in other celebrations. Tmalls provides guarantee of quality drinks and regular customer mostly prefers to buy from this store.


Example of a typical Landing Page on Tmall.






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