Decanter is Now On WeChat For Chinese Consumers

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Decanter is Now On WeChat For Chinese Consumers

Heading in the “New World”

More than 70% people use the internet and more 90% of youngsters have smart mobile phones

Social media is the new way to promote a business especially in a country where more than 70% people use the internet and more 90% of youngsters have smart mobile phones. China is one of the most advanced countries in terms of information technology. It has its own social media platforms which not only its users to socialize with other but also help the organization to promote their business and increase their sales. The most popular social media website in China in this regard is WeChat. It is more than a social media website. It is a complete solution for Chinese people to socialize, promote, get information and sell products, and buy things. It has all features of a good social media website, online store and search engine, therefore, it is the most popular application in China. It has approximately 700 million active users and this number is increasing every month.  All big corporations are trying to get the official account of WeChat in order to promote their business to all these 700 million users. The only issue is that WeChat only allows companies with Chinese business license. Several international brands got this license just to have WeChat official account. Decanter is one of those companies. In November 2016, Decanter launched its official account on this application as an effort to boost its business in this country.

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First Step in Chinese

The first attempt of Decanter to attract and facilitate Chinese consumers was the development of its bilingual website This website was responsive, which means mobile users were also able to use it. This decision was made after realizing that in China number of smart mobile users is increasing dramatically and youngsters of this generation are real internet savvy. The decision was very smart and it also increased the brand awareness of the company. The company launched its special website for Chinese people in the start of 2016 and right after 10 months the company launched its WeChat account It shows the seriousness of the company about its plans in China.

Updated every day and it has been very active in last few months

This account of the company will be updated every day and it has been very active in last few months. The main purpose of this account is to educate people about company’s product. Decanter made a very strong editorial team for this purpose. Professor LI Demei is the part of the editorial team on this account and users will be able to read his tips and advice. The other big name in the team is LU Yang who has already won few prizes for his exceptional work in this field. In 2014 he won the title of Best Sommelier Greater, which is considered as one of the best titles on can get in this field. Fongyee Walker and Terry Xu are also part of this team who are famous for their writings about latest happenings in the wine market of China. The presence of all these people in the editorial team of Decanter’s WeChat official account indicates that this account is going to offer serious value to the users.

Wechat & Baidu



almost 55% of their total audience of this website visit through their mobile phones

The decision of making WeChat account was not abrupt. Decanter analyzed viewers on its Chinese website and they found that almost 55% of their total audience of this website visit through their mobile phones. It indicates that majority of internet users in China use the internet through their mobile devices. It is slightly difficult to access all internet users through a website because Baidu is the most popular search engine in china and it requires special attention to get to the top of search engine result page of Baidu. The best alternative is to make the account on those mobile applications which have a huge audience with right market segments. Decanter is also attracting youngsters with its special drinks. Youngsters especially teenagers are not allowed to use strong drinks, therefore, the company is also making light drinks in order to facilitate all segments of the market. If people of this market segment is not on the selected social media platform, then there is no point in launching an account on that platform. In this scenario, WeChat is the social Media in china.


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