September 9th, It is The Wine Festival in China !

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Starting September 9th, Alibaba Group is hosting The Wine Festival !


On its B 2 C platform its inaugural 9.9 Global Wine & Spirits Festival. It brings 100,000 international wines, cognacs, whiskeys and other drinks from 50 different countries to Chinese consumers.

The announcement ealier this year by Jack Ma when he was meeting the Italian Prime minister at the Vinitaly show in Verona.


Hundreds of brands will make their debut in China through that festival.

Brands such as Robert Mondavi Winery , the Gallo Family Vineyards (USA), Lafite (France) and Suntory Yamazaki (Japan) will also join winemakers from Austratlia, Italy, New Zealand  and Spain.


Video (platform: Youtube):


According to market researcher Wine Intelligence , the wine industry in China is:

  • 152 million middle-class consumers.
  • The first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Chinese twentysomethings, are the main demographics driving this growth, according to market researcher Wine Intelligence.
  • 48 million people in China drank imported wine in 2015 (+25% compared to 2014; Source: Wine Intelligence)
  • Because in China, like in other countries like Chile and Australia, has fewer brick-and-mortar wine shops, E-commerce play a crucial role in the wine market development.
  • the consumption of imported wine has increased by 37% over the year to attain 43.7 million.
  • 35% partaking on a weekly basis in 2015 (23% in 2014)



Between 2013 and 2015, the number of consumers on has grown by 5 times and reached 10 millions. Zhang said they have “built a solid infrastructure for businesses to grow and evolve” through e-commerce.

 Case studies on ChineseE-Commerce

5 years after establishing their offline sales channels (including restaurants, hotels and supermarket), Gruppo Mezzacorona (Leading Italian winemaker) launched its flagship store on Tmall last June. The winery’s China country manager, Nick He, said Alibaba marketplaces allows their group to reach parts of China it otherwise couldn’t.

Gruppo Mezzacorona will organize web events such as live-streams from its wineries showing  how their wine production process, web events/seminars to show tips how to enjoy the wine and enable Chinese consumers to ask questions.


Having live auctions of rare and limited labels and live-streamed broadcasts with experts such as Château Valandraud founder Jean-Luc Thunevin and American wine critic James Suckling, who will share insights and tasting tips via the Mobile Taobao and Tmall apps. The Tmall campaign  is generating a buzz. From an offline perspective, The campaign has also 5,000 bars and pubs offering free tastings and distribution services for consumers in the country.

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