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3 things to learn when you want to sell your Wine in China

Jun 05, 2017 No Comments by

THREE THINGS TO LEARN FROM MONDAVI ABOUT SELLING WINE IN CHINA! Alizila sat down recently for your with Berny Yang and Lydia Li, two top China associates for famed Napa Valley winery Robert Mondavi. The discussion was far-ranging, but there were a few insightful takeaways we wish to share about what can make a manufacturer […]

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China Is Building a Disney World for Wine

Jun 02, 2017 Comments Off by

  At Chateau Changyu Reina, honey-colored brick towers enclose huge cobbled courtyards, and vast, wood-beamed halls glance like they can be prepared to host an imminent medieval banquet. To start with look, the Italianate castle and winery might have been developed a huge selection of decades back, in Italy’s Tuscan hills. Spoiler: It was not. […]

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Imported Wine : 40% market shares in China

May 11, 2017 No Comments by

  The worldwide commercial center has seen quick changes comparable with the ascent and fall of economies and the tireless, exponential rate of mechanical headway. China, now a key player, just entered the business circle a unimportant forty years back, yet the nation has in a general sense molded all aspects of worldwide exchange. The […]

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Growing Trend in Organic Winery in China

May 03, 2017 1 Comment

  According to the records, winery and vineyards are much older than the wines in human beings’ history.   The winery has been developing vines from its own particular vineyards in Yanqi, by one of the locale’s popular natural Chinese winery Tiansai, since 2009 yet just began making its own particular wines in 2014. picture […]

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China is going to be 2nd largest consumer of wine by 2020

Apr 24, 2017 No Comments

  Chinese purchasers pulled in by imported wine is not new marvel in China, similarly as rising GDP in China is not new. Chinese people love imported products as they consider these products more reliable and genuine as compared to local products. More Chinese go to bat for quality life, better life, tasteful life, changed […]

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Why was Alibaba’s 9.9 Wine & Spirits Festival Day such a disappointment?

Apr 19, 2017 No Comments

  The marketing team behind Tmall, the online platform of Alibaba, has been quite silent as the hype and promotions leading up to the first Wine & Spirits Festival Day on September 9th (9.9) died down. You would think something happening for the first time would be treated better than being completely ignored.   Seeing […]

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Decanter is Now On WeChat For Chinese Consumers

Apr 17, 2017 Comments Off

Decanter is Now On WeChat For Chinese Consumers Heading in the “New World” More than 70% people use the internet and more 90% of youngsters have smart mobile phones Social media is the new way to promote a business especially in a country where more than 70% people use the internet and more 90% of […]

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Wine Sales in China is Boosted Through E-commerce

Apr 04, 2017 1 Comment

  The world of e-commerce is growing exponentially in China. More and more people are now using the internet not only for seeking information about different products but also to buy them. The Internet is now becoming a reliable source of buying high-quality products and services. E-commerce is now boosting lots of businesses in China. […]

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Beaujolais Nouveau is Most Popular Young Wine for Youngsters

Apr 03, 2017 Comments Off

Beaujolais Nouveau is a fruity, exceptionally youthful red wine that is discharged available to be purchased each year on the third Thursday of November, on the stroke of midnight. The uncorking of the jugs in France is set apart by gatherings, firecrackers and different celebrations. As indicated by The Oxford Wine Encyclopedia, the convention of […]

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48 Million Wine Lovers in China

Feb 24, 2017 Comments Off

A growing number of middle class Chinese citizens is drinking imported wines. They also drink more frequently, thus it is not a niche market anymore but a widespread product. Chinese wine consumers are more and more careful and serious about wine, which they choose from either from online or offline shops.   The number of […]

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