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Demand for Wine School is high in Shanghai

Oct 08, 2017 Comments Off by

  Offered the growth of wine society in Asia, it should really arrive as no surprise that wine courses are in substantial desire. Education is extremely valued in the area, in particularly Hong Kong. The WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) is broadly viewed as a global chief in wine schooling. Very last educational calendar […]

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September 9th, It is The Wine Festival in China !

Jul 16, 2017 1 Comment by

Starting September 9th, Alibaba Group is hosting The Wine Festival !   On its B 2 C platform its inaugural 9.9 Global Wine & Spirits Festival. It brings 100,000 international wines, cognacs, whiskeys and other drinks from 50 different countries to Chinese consumers. The announcement ealier this year by Jack Ma when he was […]

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3 things to learn when you want to sell your Wine in China

Jun 05, 2017 2 Comments by

THREE THINGS TO LEARN FROM MONDAVI ABOUT SELLING WINE IN CHINA! Alizila sat down recently for your with Berny Yang and Lydia Li, two top China associates for famed Napa Valley winery Robert Mondavi. The discussion was far-ranging, but there were a few insightful takeaways we wish to share about what can make a manufacturer […]

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China Is Building a Disney World for Wine

Jun 02, 2017 Comments Off

  At Chateau Changyu Reina, honey-colored brick towers enclose huge cobbled courtyards, and vast, wood-beamed halls glance like they can be prepared to host an imminent medieval banquet. To start with look, the Italianate castle and winery might have been developed a huge selection of decades back, in Italy’s Tuscan hills. Spoiler: It was not. […]

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Why was Alibaba’s 9.9 Wine & Spirits Festival Day such a disappointment?

Apr 19, 2017 No Comments

  The marketing team behind Tmall, the online platform of Alibaba, has been quite silent as the hype and promotions leading up to the first Wine & Spirits Festival Day on September 9th (9.9) died down. You would think something happening for the first time would be treated better than being completely ignored.   Seeing […]

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48 Million Wine Lovers in China

Feb 24, 2017 Comments Off

A growing number of middle class Chinese citizens is drinking imported wines. They also drink more frequently, thus it is not a niche market anymore but a widespread product. Chinese wine consumers are more and more careful and serious about wine, which they choose from either from online or offline shops.   The number of […]

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Treasury Wine Estates of Australia Won Trademark Case in China

Feb 20, 2017 1 Comment

  It is a well-known marketing fact that good attractive and meaningful brand name can get you the competitive edge over your competitors.   Small businesses  in China ! Small businesses even try to use those brand names which are similar or somehow related to successful brands. They either use the transliteration of those successful […]

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Growing Trend in Organic Winery in China

Feb 02, 2017 3 Comments

  It is said that winery and vineyards are older than the wines. What is organic wine here   Chinese organic Wine The winery has been developing vines from its own particular vineyards in Yanqi, by one of the locale’s popular natural Chinese winery Tiansai, since 2009 yet just began making its own particular wines […]

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Wine Imports of China Growing Histrionically without US

Dec 22, 2016 2 Comments

  China imported wine of $1.77 billion, representing a 19.1% yearly increase. According to China Association for Import and Export of Wines and Spirits, China’s total volume of wine is jumped to 14.42% from January to September. So comparatively, US played small role in wines. The Numbers: China imports bulk of wine in the first […]

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Why Wine Branding is Important in China?

Dec 20, 2016 1 Comment

Let’s try to understand why having a strong wine branding is important in China. The wine has an extended history in China. The consumption of the history has been rising since the reforms of the economic for the 1980’s and now china is at the top of the list in the global market related to […]

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