Fanny Basteau

I am a 27-year-old French woman and I am currently leaving in Beijing. I am joining the team of Zhongguo Wine! You will then have fresh news from Shanghai and from Beijing!

Why wine?  Why China?  And why this blog?

Since my childhood, I have been in contact with the wine environment. My mother’s family owns a vineyard in Monbazillac, near Bordeaux, in France. I have always been involved in the daily life of the vineyard: I have worked in the vines, harvesting the grapes in September, cutting the plants a little after, checking the temperature of the vats, receiving clients and organizing tastings of our wines… For a long time, I thought it was a family story, a personal interest, but I thought that my work life would have nothing to do with wine. When I entered ESSEC, (The same school as Ari!), I wanted to do marketing, whatever the product: shampoo, yoghurt, cereals… I was ready to try everything! But, then I realized that I needed to be passionate about the product; that’s how I am. So I admitted that wine was part of my work life too!

Then I worked as an apprentice for 2 years in Pernod Ricard, the 2nd biggest group of spirits in the world. I worked on whiskies’ marketing. It was extremely interesting and I learned a lot! But wine is still my favorite…

Why China? Because I am fascinated by Chinese tea culture: I taste tea as I would do for a Grand crus de Bordeaux! More seriously, it is also because I have been interested in Asia for a long time: after having done an internship in Vietnam, I did my best to come in China. I also had the feeling that if I wanted to do something new, if I wanted to be where things are moving, I needed to be in China. I came to be an exchange student at Beida, in Guanghua School of Management, one of the two best universities in China. And I am really enjoying life in Beijing.

So finally, why this blog? Because I met Ari and Lucas, I liked them and apparently they liked me! Because we share the same interest in wines, and because we want to create a group of dynamic people, interested in new projects, especially in China! So I joined the team to share our ideas, news and point of view with you on the blog. Besides, I am beginning my career as a freelance consultant in wine marketing, in both China and in France.

I hope to have many occasions to exchange ideas with you and to give the best information we can!