Welcome at Enoterra (Shanghai)

Nov 06, 2010 No Comments

Welcome at L’Enoterra (Shanghai)

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Pernod Ricard China

Oct 27, 2010 5 Comments

Interview with Gwenaële Chesnais, Senior Wine Education Manager, Pernod Ricard China

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A Lafite Bubble in China?

Oct 24, 2010 7 Comments

Chinese demand for Lafite pressurizes 2009 « En Primeurs » prices.

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Photo Shoot Alexia Michel

Oct 21, 2010 7 Comments

Photo Shoot by Alexia Michel: Another view over the wine market.

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The Advantages of the International Supermarket Channel

Oct 18, 2010 2 Comments

Doing wine marketing in China consists in having a presence at Carrefour…Let us see the advantages of a strong presence at the International Supermarkets.

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Making Wine for the Chinese Market

Oct 15, 2010 No Comments

Interview with Stephane Toutoundji, professional winemaker, enologist for Château Latour-Laguens and Château Richelieu, the two only vineyards owned by Chinese investors.

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Photo Shoot Irène Zeng

Oct 10, 2010 5 Comments

Photo Shoot, by Irene Zeng: Another view over the Wine Market in China

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Oct 09, 2010 5 Comments

The place you will find me reading my book

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Importing Wine in China: An Oligopoly ?

Oct 07, 2010 8 Comments

Is the wine importing business in China an oligopoly ?

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Focus on the Wine Distribution in China

Sep 29, 2010 8 Comments

The Wine Market in China: Focus on the Distribution Channels.

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