Which Wine Importer Are You?

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From my experience working in the wine industry in China, I have identified several types of wine importers. In this article I am going to look at who they are, how they differ and why they got involved in the industry.

The first type is the importer of “Fine Wines”.

-I tend to be foreign owned companies but occasionally are Chinese, and are mainly in the market of fine wines and famous brands.

-I insist on Brand exclusivity before I spend any money on marketing as I think that I am the hottest thing in the industry

-I claim that I receive thousands of calls a day from wine producers asking for their help in importing their wines. So I chose who I work with, not the other way round.

The Importer of “small producers”:

-I am a foreigner with good connections with luxury hotels and fine restaurants where you will often find my wines.

-My company is not that famous, but my passion for wine more than makes up for this.

-You should know that my wines from small producers are often just as good as more famous brands.

The “Opportunistic importer”:

-I had a nail factory (a joints factory, a door handles factory… whatever) in ChongQing.

-I need something glamorous.

-I do not drink wine (I prefer baijiu) but I heard I can make money with it!

-I am looking for AOC Bordeaux 1 Euro per bottle to sell it 30 Euros to my clients.

The “logical importer”

-I have 200 outlets selling spirits in Beijing.

-I sell the most expansive Baijiu of China.

-Maybe I could try to sell spirits AND wines.

-I need to create a wine range from scratch.

-I like this laowai (=foreigner in Chinese) ! Let’s work with him.

The second type of “Logical Importer”:

-I am a food importer.

-All my clients buy food from me.

-Maybe they need wines as well.

-Let’s import wine from scratch.

The “Passionate Wine Importer”

I know more than you do about Burgundy and wine making.

I am a passionate. I read “The drops of God” (神之雫) twice.

I have already visited France, Italy, Spain, Napa Valley.

I am not afraid to import wines from unknown wine regions!

Only the quality matters. I am passionate about wines and am lucky to be able to earn a living from my passion.

The third type of “Logical Importer”

“The number 3 logical importer”

The business is good!

VDP wines, Chilean cheap wines… they are such easy-to-sell wines.

But my clients now need more expansive wines.

I am looking for middle range wines. What do you have?

The “Internet Generation” Wine Importer

I am young with great knowledge of the internet.

I have financial support to help me to develop a website plus to allow me to start importing wine.

I know I will make money from this.

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