Top 5 WeChat channels for Wine lovers

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WeChat has become extremely popular from 2014 among the public. Do not want to fall behind, many wine companies have set up their official WeChat account to promote themselves and maintain the customer retention. Most of these accounts fall into a similar pattern: providing and updating articles, organizing events or creating activities, promoting the products. The usual followers of these accounts are wine industrial professionals, individual buyers, enthusiasts, medias and a number of normal publics. Some top wine official WeChat accounts can really provide very quality original articles or organizing attractive events and thus have a quite considerable number of followers; the account hosts are therefore able to earn profit by doing advertising throughout.


2 types of WeChat Accounts

There are two types of WeChat official accounts – the Subscription account and the Service account: the Subscription account can update one article series (under one article series there could be a few different topic articles) per day while the Service account can only send four article series per month (source); all the subscription accounts the users following are put together in WeChat under the ‘Subscription Account’ category, for any update of any account there, the whole category including all the other subscription accounts will be pushed to the top of the users’ chatting list; the service account, on the other hand, is listed individually on the users’ chatting list, for every new update it released the account itself will be pushed to the top of the list. In comparison, the subscription account is more for providing article updates and sharing information but since both individuals and companies can set up subscription account without verification, it is not allowed to support direct payment inside, while the service account can only be registered by verified companies and is used usually for providing reliable service and interaction with the followers, it also supports payment transaction through the inside the account.


Wechat for Wine lovers our selection

Below are five great wine related WeChat official accounts we would like to mention about.


  1. image003Account Name: Wikiwine (红酒百科全书)


Account Function Type: Subscription Account

Account Content Type: Wine related articles and a bit of others

Average Reads Per Article: 8000

Account Character: Information & knowledge Provider


Wikiwine is a quite influential wine related self-media. It releases the articles of wine industry news and information, knowledge and editorials. Among the articles it published, you may also find some advertisements and promotions but very seldom to see them organizing events or activities.


As one of the earliest wine related WeChat official account, Wikiwine has quite a number of followers. The content and information provided is neutral and educative for most of time.




  1. image005Account Name: Wine-world (红酒世界网)


Account Function Type: Subscription Account

Account Content Type: Wine related articles, Selective Brand Promotion

Average Reads Per Article: 3000

Account Character: Information & knowledge Provider, Online Wine Searching, Online Wine Shop


Wine-world is the official WeChat account for, an online wine search engine supporting Chinese Character searching. With the same database, the Wine-world WeChat account allows the users to have the same access and function to use on their mobile end. also has an online trading platform, providing a list of various wines from different distributors for online and off-line trading; there is an out-link in its WeChat official account to this store. It is said that Wine-world hosts offline wine events as well but seems only for their most active users and therefore not publicized widely.






  1. Account Name: Vinehoo (酒斛网)

Account Function Type: Subscription Account

Account Content Type: Wine related articles, Other Informative articles, Event Organizing

Average Reads Per Article: 5000

Account Character: Information & knowledge Provider, Event Organizer, Flash Sales;

Vinehoo WeChat official account is the WeChat end of its website It provides wine information, news, knowledge and related articles. One specialty of Vinehoo WeChat account is focusing on organizing offline wine events: from the small wine lovers gathering to the big wine class, from the relaxing casual wine tasting to the serious master classes; sometimes you may even find things interesting like ‘Teo Chow Tea Seminar’ in their offline topics.




  1. image010Account Name: WBO529 (葡萄酒商业观察)


Account Function Type: Subscription Account

Account Content Type: Wine Industry News and Information

Average Reads Per Article: 2000

Account Character: Serious Information and News of Wine Industry and Economy


This Chengdu based official WeChat account is one of the minors who focuses on the industry states and trends, taking down many up-to-date papers and editorials. Most of the articles there are analysis based from the angles of economy, politics, society, etc. The content tends to be more serious made for the industrial professionals and business operaters.




Our favorite :  The FrenchCellar

  1. image012Account Name: The French Cellar (tfcc2015 法兰酒窖)

FrenChCellarAccount Function Type: Service Account

Account Content Type: New Concept Popularization, Event Organizing, Original Wine Knowledge and Experience Sharing, Sales Direction

Average Reads Per Article: 2000

Account Character: Customer Service, Event Publish, and Brand Promotion


This new WeChat service account is very different to the subscription accounts above. It is an official WeChat account for providing a recently raised new style of wine purchase – the wine Subscription model. Since this model is relatively new in China, this account serves the purpose of demonstrating the users how to subscribe the wine purchase like doing magazine subscription and the stories behind this concept. To better introduce this popular concept, the WeChat account hosts off-line events and promotions regularly to build the platform for the users to share knowledge and enjoyment, popularizing the products.

Their Website




An other account that many Chinese Follow is Zhulian.  朱利安葡萄酒  The French Wine Expert.

Wine Lovers

If  you need to promote your Wine on Wechat, you have the Choice…



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