“French Wines are overpriced in China” interview of the French Cellar

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Today we have the pleasure to interview The French Cellar, top start up in Singapour .

1- Can you introduce yourself

My name is Jin Wang, I am from south part of China. Trained and working in Australia and Singapore, I have been a wine sommelier and businessman for six years starting from my early life in Barossa Valley, Australia. This year (2015), me and my Singaporean and French partners have brought our wine business to Shanghai and created its Chinese branch – The French Cellar China (法兰酒窖). I myself is currently being the Managing Director of the concept and in charge of its daily operation.



2- Can you introduce your advantages for consumers in Singapour ?

I guess it is our former three Michelin star chief sommelier Nicolas REBUT. People in Singapore respect this title very much and have been very open-minded for a new concept such as monthly subscribing for wines. It was not very difficult to explain to them that if you are not very confident in choosing various wine by yourself, it is great to subscribe with our monthly plan and receive two bottles of wines selected by Nicolas for you and posted to your door. We believe this is the most appealing advantage.
Our video

 Their Website : www.thefrenchcellar.cn

3- What do you offer in China ?

Basically the same package we are offering in Singapore: the sommelier selection of two bottles of wine from various French regions, tasting notes, organic and biodynamic, delivery service, online subscription. The only difference is we are having at the moment only two levels of subscription open for signing – the Vineyard Gems and Tasting Voyage, while in Singapore we have another two levels on top of them. We are thinking to try the third level here in China on next year to provide a higher level option for the Chinese customers.

Best French Wines to ChinaOur Somelier Nicolas Rebut meet Wine maker in France. Discover every month a new selection with French Wines. If you like good French Wine let us a comment , we will invite you to our next Event.

Posted by The French Cellar China on Thursday, October 29, 2015

4- Is your Business model suitable for Chinese customers ?

I have to say after the first two months testing here we are really targeting a niche group of customers in China. The people who recognize us and buy the products (bottles and subscriptions) are those open-minded, with a bit of oversea or love western culture, and have wine drinking experience or love to enjoy wines.
In terms of the concept itself, we couldn’t say it is not suitable for China, what we need is more time and chances to explore the market and find the right group of customers to serve.
In China, most of people think that French Wine is overpriced

5- How react Wine connaisseur to your Wine selection ?

I have to say they love it! We are selling a bit of selection to one of the top French restaurants in Shanghai, when the owner and sommelier there tried our wines they have spoke highly of them and made the decisions to purchase the two labels they have tried.
We have to say that our wine is not easy-going for everyone even for some regular drinkers, however when you are ready to try something very stylish, limited in production and with a great story behind, our wines are definitely exciting for you.

6- And about the new Chinese consumers?

The young generations? I believe with more chances of being abroad and experiencing various wines, the new generation have more opened acceptance and understand the concept better. The only trick here is how to make them realize that to subscribe for an ongoing wine experience is actually quite smart in terms of exploring different wines as well as save the budget. We have to admit that the new generations in Singapore and Hong Kong have a faster and higher level of acceptance than China so far.
French Cellar Chinese

7- Your organize Wine tasting and Wine event in Shanghai and China, why do you do that ?

To get more people to try our products, concept and understand our philosophy. We believe only via self experiencing the public will get to believe in the concept and commit to it. We are confident to our selection, to be precise, the selection from Mr Nicolas REBUT, therefore we could expect that a majority of the participants of our events will enjoy and attach to our brand and products.
 Wine tasting Shanghai

8- What are the main challenges for Wine companies in China in 2015?

Economy slowing down and strike to luxury consumption on country wide, while increasing competition in wine industry and tiredness of customers among the market.

9 – Is China a good place for start up in 2015 ? if yes why

It really depends on the industries. For wine, I wouldn’t say yes due to the crisis mentioned in the question before. However, no one could ignore that China is going to be the biggest wine country in terms of wine purchase and consumption soon, and the new generation is more and more into wine in their daily lives. There must be a bright future at the corner.

10- Is China a mature market for E-Commerce in Wine ?

Not yet I guess. To be a mature market means the market needs to have a high level of trust from the customers and monitoring from the government. At the moment in China, neither e-commerce nor wine industry has that. It takes time and effort to grow it while all the parties in the market: the business, the government and the customers have to contribute to the development together to accelerate it.
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  2. zarina says:

    Being a wine appreciation person, having toured wine cellars of Australia and France I find Australian wine cellars and vineyard excellent.
    Their ‘laid back’ attitude to wine tasting and generosity is well known.
    Been to the ‘Hunter’ and found the wine industry to be efficient and good verity of wines to all the different palates and foods around the world.

    Where french wines most people find them to be rather’ designer ‘ and drink it on ‘special occasion’ only.
    Moreover there are very few outlets in Asia that really stock the best french wines for the wine drinkers to savor and taste the elegant flavors of french wines .
    Their wines are specifically suited to the European palate as their food and wines compliment one another unlike Australian wines where one can savor the taste the flavors of the wines with Asian dishes as well.

    Chinese wines are new in the market and most wine drinkers are unaware of China’s capability to produce excellent wines and match the likes of French, German or the Australian wines.
    China will have to ‘seduce’ the wine drinkers of the world as to the suitability of their wines with the different foods of the world and compete with the pricing and availability of their wines world wide.

  3. Javier says:

    Yes, the wines French are very spensive. You can found a spanish wine…..the spanish wines are fantantic, very good quality and the price are very good, half or less.

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