Why Wine Branding is Important in China?

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Let’s try to understand why having a strong wine branding is important in China.

The wine has an extended history in China. The consumption of the history has been rising since the reforms of the economic for the 1980’s and now china is at the top of the list in the global market related to wine. The first wine to be introduced into China is the French wine, at the beginning of the economic reforms of China. Remy Martin has volunteered into China in order to set up the venture enterprise that may be combined in Tianjin. After several years have passed the company was developing more than 90 brands of the alcoholic beverages and they have won many awards for its products both internally and overseas. Much of the products were transferred abroad in the first two periods due to the income which was low of the confined population. Some other companies that included great wall wine of china they all have increased up in the importance and by the year 2005, 90% of the wine grapes were introduced that was consumed locally. As globalization has played the main role, in order to bring up China in the different and unique way so that the industry of winemaking would come up into the wine that would be internationally sold out. China has a tradition that is long that includes the beverages of alcoholic and is one of the members in the globalization of wine that have been started several years ago in Paris. Grape wine of china has begun in order to give the impression on the shelves in Canada and California.

Wine producing regions

Prominent producing regions of wine that includes Beijing that was in Hebei, Yibin in Sichuan, and Taiyuan in Ningxia.  The largest region that is producing is Yantai Penglai that includes more than 140 wineries and it also produces 40% of the wine of china.


China is a region that has a history which is antique when the settlers of Greek brought up the wine and more techniques that were used for irrigation. The modern wine industry of grapes that is decorated largely after the methods were applied of French with different varieties.

Success of Ningxia wine

This province has brought up the attention of high quality of wines. After the red wine earned the trophy in 2011 in Beijing in a competition that was conducted by the experts of china known as Bordeaux against the Ningxia and France have tasted with more than five wines from each region. Ningxia was the champion out of five for the top wines.


China was among the top 10 wines in the global market. According to the research that was conducted china was at the fifth position according to the consumer of the wine that was for the national and the imported. 2.17 billion Bottles of the wine were expended in wine as China mostly drink red wine and now they were the world’s largest market for red wine. The consumption of wine has risen up to 136% whereas it had decreased up to 18% that was the second largest consumer. The Chinese market has experienced 20% growth that was between the year 2006 and 2011 and the forecast has risen up to 54% by the year 2015 and per capita consumption of the wine was only 0.35 liters. And HongKong has become the largest market for the wine.

Branding is everything in expanding the wine market of China

Sales of wine have increased to $6.1 billion in 2009 and 12.7% in the year 2008. The demand which has increased has been powered by the responsiveness that was very strong of the company of the wine in the market of China and consumer base that was very cultured. Most brands of wine in China were focused towards the price indifferent and the consumers that have a high income. Manufacturers that were working locally focused in order to produce the brands that were medium to high. The red wine which was popular in China is cabernet sauvignon and in the category of the rose grape group, zinfandel was very popular. In the sector of wine does in advance the growth during 2009 to 2014 the consumers have transferred the wine from the moods over the concerns of the health and have developed the taste of wines from grapes. As wine has become popular in China and non-sparkling wines increased their occurrence and the consumption was expected to rise in the coming years from the beers and spirits.

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