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Founded in 2012 at Shanghai we are specialized in developing social media customized strategies for China. Our experienced and innovative Franco-Chinese team will help you communicate in the right tone to your current and potential customers in China.
Gentlemen Marketing Agency

Our understanding of the local social media platforms will rapidly build your brand’s awareness across them !

Why is social media so important in marketing?

For branding, social media is crucial. If you want to have added value for your product and service, you will need social media. It is the best way to tell your potential customers why you are unique and to deliver your concept. It could be more important especially when you have an innovative product or service and you don’t want to conquer the market just by price.
For communication, social media offers us platforms to get communication. Whether it is with your potential customers, or it is with the media, even with distributors, social media could help us reach out to have direct contact with them. The conversation will help us get the feedbacks and know more about our target.

More exposure to more influence. It is quite obvious that the first thing you need to do when entering a new market is to get most exposure. What social media could do is to get exposure on the Internet. And then platforms give us a way to collect all the people who have an impression about our brand and then, we gradually influence them step by step. That is how we get influence.

Why choose Gentleman Marketing Agency ?

  • Our deep insight in your target people and their behavior on Chinese social media
  • Our capability to create innovative content that your Chinese customers like
  • Our understanding in the special communication skills used on China Social Media.
  • Let’s provide your those reasons for consumers to visit your website, make purchases, fill out forms and enter contests

For your campaign management, we use numerous tools to increase your community size on your social media profiles. We use the Chinese social networks like Weibo’s and Wechat’s platforms

Our service

Weibo and WeChat, now people are spending more and more time on their smart phone. Setting up an account and begin to have your own followers and fans. Influence these people well, you get initial reputation.

Press release. This is necessary to have some online media talking about this brand, and when people are really interested and they could get good result on third party: official online media’s article. It also means you can get exposure on Chinese biggest search engine, Baidu, when people search your brand name.

Forums, is good for exposure, and also very good for our reputation. If people see discussions on the internet, we get their trust.

Our services help you provide relevant to your audience, clients, potential clients, partners, and industry influencers by focusing on their needs first.

Does your company have a Social Media Strategy?

Over the last several years, companies of all shapes and sizes have jumped onto the social media marketing bandwagon without knowing a thing about how to effectively use social media for business. All too often, brands entrusted their entire social media presence to an entry-level member of their company, be it an assistant, or a receptionist, and an inexperienced intern.

Unfortunately, understanding social medias is very hard for a company. Brands which underestimate the potential of social media and failed to devise a social media marketing strategy from the beginning, found that their competitors were succeeding at social media while they were left scratching their heads and pointing fingers at their marketing managers.

If your company has attempted social media marketing in the past but never had the internal knowledge and expertise to develop a true social media marketing strategy, we encourage your company to explore our collection of social media services to uncover a solution to generate more leads and manage the reputation of your brand.
We have the skills, experience and keep a pulse on the latest and best technologies, approaches and tactics that will bring your business results.

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